Give me a break

Give me a break

I really do need a break. I’m close to publishing Happysad #600, and I feel tired and empty.

I’ve just checked it: apparently the last time I took a break was when I’d published #500. Almost 100 cartoons in a row, no wonder I’m worn out… I’m (still) not giving up on Happysad, but all you addicts will have to give me a few days, until I catch my breath and, hopefully, inspiration returns.

‘Til then, take care.

24 thoughts on “Give me a break

  1. Everyone needs sometimes a break. Take it, and don’t look for inspiration, she will find you (oh, how I love this text! I know, it’s unbelievably annoying ;), just sorry. )… take care!

  2. Heah, you’re not obliged to produce so many cartoons. You have produced so many great ones, I think you are perfectly entitled to take a rest whenever you feel like it. I’ve always got my T-Shirts to look at if I need a chuckle ! Take it easy, and maybe it’ll give you the inspiration for more cartoons, but either way it sounds like you are certainly way overdue for a rest. Enjoy.

  3. awe! have a fantastic break! my suggestion is to grab some tea, and read a book. it does wonders for the soul.

  4. oh no…why do i feel like crying?’s not like you’re closing this site or anything but i feel like i’m losing something really important.

    you’ll be missed.

    don’t make us miss the guys so much..or we’ll have withdrawals.


  5. like our mum always says: you cannot beat your body.. when you need rest, you take it, or something will make you take some time off

    enjoy, and see you soon!

  6. Jeroen,

    Enjoy your well deserved rest ! We’ll (barely) survive a little while without new cartoons.

    I’ll sing you a lullaby to help you get some sleep:

    Slaap kindje slaap
    Daar buiten loopt een schaap
    Een schaap met witte voetjes
    Die drinkt zijn melk zo zoetjes
    Slaap kindje slaap
    Daar buiten loopt een schaap



  7. Do, do take a break – I feel exactly the same exhaustion as you do and I wish I had the luxury of being able to take some time off life, actually. I hope Easter break will somehow resuscitate me. And that your rest is fruitful so we can read more of such touching HappySads as this one soon enough :) Enjoy the moment!
    Hugs & see ya later!

  8. Jeroen,

    take care and enjoy. inspiration will return. just taking a break (probably in Cancun). ;P

    hey gonzales, are u my soulmate? hahaha

  9. Considering your usual subject material I’d like to think that lack of inspiration means your life is getting better. That or it’s gotten so bad that the word “mercy killing” gets thrown around. I’m rooting for the first one.

    Now is when you put out the call for fan art.

  10. @ Everyone: thank you so much for all your heartwarming comments!

    @ speedy & gonzales: are we seeing something beautiful blossom here? :-)

    @ Ibid: that is a GREAT idea! Anyone feeling inspired?? You know how to reach me…

  11. Have a nice rest Jeroen! You definitely deserve it!

    I will have a rest too – I’m escaping the city to relax in the serenity of the beach [with a margarita in my hand] for the Easter break.
    Good god I can’t wait! ..This has been the longest week of my life.

    I’ll have a margarita for you too! :D

  12. And by the way, something everyone seems to have overlooked: your “gimme a break” cartoon is another example of your fine writing and great drawing skills. It really oozes melancholy and drives the message home perfectly (esp. with the disappearance of the girl in the last drawing). Even when you’re exhausted you manage to come up with a damn fine cartoon!

    You’re a great artist Jeroen, so take all the time you need to reload those batteries!

  13. hey dude,
    just think about stuff or don’t:)
    and read any of these books
    hermann hesse:
    narziss en goldmund
    hij heeft er nog veel meer maar dit vind ik persoonlijk de beste

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