9 thoughts on “Nag nag nag

  1. Perhaps you’re really getting too emo – it looks like you’re complaining about the same old thing over and over again. And again. How about changing the topic slightly for a few cartoons?

  2. I agree, this is Jeroen’s cartoon and I’ll read it even if he is in a bad mood. But as a worried fan I think maybe Tomas has right, and drawing another aspect of your life will distract you from that darkness.

    No mood for a Halloween cartoon? I remember the evil twin series… what if the protagonist meets his alter-ego from an alternative universe where everything is the opposite?

  3. Of course it’s Jeroen’s cartoon and of course he can draw whatever he desires to draw. I’m not pressuring him. But as a fan of this comic, I feel obliged to speak when I find its quality going down. Still its one of my favs (the others are asofterworld, xkcd, tmcm, explosm, phdcomics so you can see Jeroen’s not doing too bad at all ;-))
    It seems to me that your earlier work was more thoughtful and less whiny.

  4. Oh my! looks like this cartoon had done controversy.

    Oh Jeroen! you has created a real monster in here… jejeje.
    It seems that you cant’ please your fans right? Don’t worry… by me… just keep going (chasing rainbows… jejeje).


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