9 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Bummer!

    Question: I got this strip in the RSS-feed, and I just noticed that from the previous one (Winter of my discontent) there’s no link to this strip? Did it disappear along with the 10+ comments for Winter of My …?)

  2. @rené: I don’t know, I think (hope?) it might be related to your RSS reader, because I didn’t delete or censor (please!) anything. On the site, all the comments are still there.

  3. Jeroen: Well, that sure is weird, because according to the RSS-feed there are at least 10 responses to that one entry (including two followups to my comment) and when I went back to comment on the one by runaway, there was only one comment left; the first one by Zeitkasten.. Very weird indeed..

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