25 thoughts on “Just best friends

  1. my beast freaind is called richard morley he is good to me because he always be there for me and he hugs me ever night and ever day and he is always be there for he is my beast freaind for a long time we did things togather me and him we dance and haveing take aways and eating alot of choclate and we go out to the shop in northwich and we went to chsiter zoo and the pub and we went to see pets at home he wants a cinchilla so he sayed to me here have this off me and he bought me 2 drinks and he is lake farther to me and he is my beast freaind forever all my life i have really good freaind off mine and he hugs me all the time because he sayed to me i miss you and i love you to mate and he laved me his beast mate he want to live in manchestier city centre so we could get in touch so he saed to me see you soon i was hurt when he laved so i am still hurting and cant cope with at the moment iwant my beast freiand back gino hulme frieandship my beast freaind richard morley

  2. now hes gone to scottland now staying at his brother my heart is broke n i really want my besat freiand back and really need him so he loves me has beast mate gino

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