8 thoughts on “Solo trip

  1. But you are never alone, you have your imaginary friends (happysad girl and happysad guy) always with you =P

    e-Mino: care to explain it to the less fortunate?

  2. e-Mino, haha when I read that (and I’m studying English philology) and we have to read poems in Old English, so I’m guessing all the time what they have written. So When first read your comment I red it like: “Enie, there is a spider web on the door!” ;D But what is the sense of it – I really can’t imagine;)

    Jeroen – ohhh, why do you have to mess with my mood?:) I can imagine myself in 3 part. But I have to save it somewhere and see in 2053 ;)

  3. @Eeva & Ranaway.

    The original line is uttered by Bert to Ernie (two characters from the popular kids’ show Sesame Street) in which Bert says “Ernie, there is a banana in your ear”.

    I changed it into “Ernie, there is a spider web in your ear”.

  4. e-Mino – I will remember that oor is for ear ;) And I was close;)

    Jeroen maybe you will teach us dutch? ;) WHen you won’t have inspiration for new comic (what I wish won’t happen), you can translate those;-) I wouldn’t mind.

  5. actually i was an expert at being alone before..

    everything i needed was in my room..

    never needed to go outside..

    and it sucked.. –but i can live with it..

    if i had to choose, i’d rather not be..

    but if i was forced to be, then be it..

    then it hit me..

    i had one fear in my life..

    and that’s — to grow old and die alone.. :(

    if all of this were different now..

    and if i am still alone, i’d go old and out — partying!

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