Call for fan art

Draw itself

I’m not back (yet). I’m just dropping in to say hi, and to promote the cool suggestion Ibid made in the comments on the previous cartoon: how about some Happysad fan art then? How about YOU creating some HS stuff while I’m enjoying my break? It’s been done before, you know, by Joke and Mike.

Here, to set the bar, is Ibid’s own entry:

Douglas fan art

In his own words: “Now I remember why I let “Super Stickman” die after high school. I
draw like I’ve got Parkinson’s.”

Well I like it :-)

(If you’d like to show off your own mad skillz – mail your contribution to kartoen (at) gmail (dot) com!)

Give me a break

Give me a break

I really do need a break. I’m close to publishing Happysad #600, and I feel tired and empty.

I’ve just checked it: apparently the last time I took a break was when I’d published #500. Almost 100 cartoons in a row, no wonder I’m worn out… I’m (still) not giving up on Happysad, but all you addicts will have to give me a few days, until I catch my breath and, hopefully, inspiration returns.

‘Til then, take care.