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  1. You know, today (21st century and all)some women/mommies actually have jobs and earn money too.
    Love the kid’s Beanie Hat tough!

  2. Kalamity K’s comment says it all–yay for progressive women! And yay for telling kid’s the harsh truth…I plan to do the same with my future offspring. XD

  3. Even in fiction, it still feels wrong and it is
    not funnny (but thats me – the one that could be reduced to “boobies”).
    You see,People read this. woman relate to the female character – and the fenale in this one its soooo underestimated.
    Making money its an hability that envolves personal skills. Boobies are a body part that do not express anything from the person (they depend on genetics).so: future mother of a guys child = 0 + boobies

    the child is born, the boobies change (usually for worse) and daddie goes looking for another set of nice boobies – usually, leaving the kid behind but offering some money – yay!!!
    Thak YOU (and all the man in the world) for making a womans life such a great journey :) – i love being a pair of boobs a REAL MAN had the kindness to buy, insted of just using those for free :)

  4. Sigh. It’s a joke. I’m not going to say this to my kids, if I’ll ever have any. I do know reality is different. That’s why it’s a cartoon.

    Funny though how I always get negative comments over these kinds of cartoons, while no one ever gets offended over me endlessly making fun of being a helpless nice guy. No, those ones aren’t to be taken seriously, but these are!

  5. I guess that in the end, even a joke can touch a nerve (or two) – that’s the beauty of it XD
    But, come on….Who would get offended with a helpless nice guy?? – “helpless” is nothing but a circumstance, “nice” it’s a quality and “guy” its just not having boobies ;)
    That’s just a great recipe for “the audience” to get attached to this fellow (and to have the nice helpless girls to wishing they could find one of those).

    Just ignore my feminism and keep on the great work ;)

  6. Hey J if it makes sense, there are people you understand that distinction you made, or so at least I believe I comprehend it and sympathize with the situation where few recognize it.

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