6 thoughts on “If only

  1. Oh dear god!

    I found you on google searching “evil twin”…then i start reading from there…and I read all (well…almost all!) your strip,
    3 years of your work and your life, like some kind of journey.

    I find this journey amazing, it was sad, but also funny and very touching. Happysad is just become a part of myself.
    You’r such a great arist.

    Well done sir!…and keep it up!

  2. Hi, i’m from Mexico, i started last week to read it and i just finished it and you know i bloody loved it mate.
    We share the same altough im expecting for my baby girl to be born.
    This reminded me of a lot of stuff i went trough.
    Be cool mate. Hope i could send you some tacos jaja.

  3. hi ! I really, really like your cartoons, but I would like you to publish some more often? They’re really great, keep up your work !

  4. Wow i really enjoy your cartoons.. They are so much fun :) I wish there was an option to like this site on facebook, so that many more of my friends could discover these amazing cartoons..

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