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I keep getting e-mails from people telling me they’ve only just discovered Happysad. Some of them add that they’ve taken about 4 or 5 hours going through all 1050 episodes at once (freaks! :-) ). Some asked me why I don’t draw more updates. Because not everyone was here from the very beginning over three years ago, I’d like to answer these questions now.

The fact is that in the past I used to publish one cartoon every day, with the occasional break inbetween, which hardly ever lasted more than a week. Somehow I managed to keep up this pace until Happysad #1000, but by then I was really exhausted. Up to the point where I was seriously considering ending the series.

But after more than three years, the cartoon had somehow become a part of myself, so I couldn’t just throw it away. Moreover, I keep getting so many lovely reactions from people all over the world, I’d hate to dissapoint anyone. So I followed the advice many people gave me and now I only publish new stuff whenever I feel like it, inspiration strikes and/or I have the time for it.

Two things have changed since the beginning. First of all, I’m moving on with my life, so I don’t always feel tormented enough to get really inspired :-). Secondly, I also take cartoon assignments on a commercial basis, and this side job is taking up ever more of my (ample) free time. This is why it sometimes takes a while before I get to publishing new Happysads.

Patience is a virtue. I should know.

In ending, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the great comments and e-mails I get. It really means a lot for me :-)


21 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. When I first discovered your comic I read through the vast majority in one go and the fact that other people do the same is a testament to your great work.

    The series is as great today as it ever was so congratulations and keep it up (for as long as you feel inspired to!)

  2. Hi Jeroen,

    Very good to read that you’re not always tormented enough. Too much artists can’t leave their sad feelings because they know when they leave them, the inspiration is over. That’s just sad.
    I wish you all the best!


  3. Hello again,
    I really hope that you have one idea of how talented you are. I also hope you’ll keep on with happysad, because I (and probably many others too) think that it’s a brilliant cartoon. (I’m one of those who have read them all. ;)) I wish you all the best and good luck further in life.


  4. I’ve been following happysad since around 350… and loving every single one (I read the first three fifty in a couple hours straight).
    Every now and then I’ll have a moment that reminds me exactly of one of the comics and I’ll have to go through a couple hundred to find the exact comic I’m looking for.
    I stay up on Happysad via the RSS feed and I’ve gotten used to reading sporadic updates. I don’t mind over much that you aren’t updating every day, but I’m certainly glad you’re still updating.
    TL;DR: what argothiel said. ;)

  5. I think you’re bloody amazing, and I’m glad that you’re not as tortured as you used to be, thats really good news, and believe me we’re just glad that you still keep on updating, we’d all miss the Little Dude.

  6. I love Happy Sad, and I too, read it all in one go a few months ago. I check daily for updates, and when there is one, it makes my day. Thanks for keeping it going :)

  7. I’m one of those freaks that when through your entire collection in 5 hours when i first found out bout it a year ago :D

    avid follower ever since!

    keep it uppp!

    from all the freaks :D

  8. Your cartoon is great and I was one of those freaks that spent hours reading the series when I first found it, and continously go back to read some of my favorites (mainly when I’m at the office and don’t want to do work) ;) . I love the little guy and it is always a good day when I see that you posted something new. Thanks for the cartoon!!!

  9. Please keep on drawing and making us happy! I love every sketch, I feel personally related to it and sometimes find myself reminded of an incident I’ve been through myself.
    In an effort to share the joy this series has brought into my life , I make sure to introduce “Happysad” to people I know.

    Last, I love your write ups. Your writing skills are as good as your drawings, Tells so much about the creative “mind & hand” behind it.


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