Five years Happysad!

Five years ago, on April 17th 2006, I published my very first Happysad cartoon. Little did I know at the time that so many more would follow. A lot has happened since then. It’s clear that I was in a different mood back then:

The cartoons themselves have changed a bit too since then :-)

A big thank you to everyone who has been supporting me all these years. Special thanks to the freaks and weirdos who, when they discovered my site, took the effort to go through all the cartoons in one go. You’re nuts!

But above all, of course, most special thanks to my muses! Couldn’t have done it without you ;-)


30 thoughts on “Five years Happysad!

  1. Congratulations! Still going strong after all those years ;-)

    Wishing you much inspiration, love and happysadness for years to come!

    (((hugs))) from one of those freaks (though admittedly the one-go sitting was in August 2007 when I discovered kartoen)

  2. I’m one’a them freaks. Your archives had me so hooked in looking for the relief point, the payoff for you. When I made it here after the archives, I got that payoff and look forward to whatever’s next!

  3. i’m glad to be one of those freaks!! freaks +1

    a toast to happysad! may one day comes when we all get to see the characters of happysad in real life :D

  4. yup i’m one of the weirdos who juz discovered your site n took the effort to go through all the cartoons in one go. phewww…teehee :)
    BTW KEEP IT UP!! ;)

  5. I’m a total freak… You’re just that awesome that you can suck everyone in to this cartoon and make us want to go back to see how everything played out in order!

    Happy (belated) anniversary! Again… You are awesome at what you do. I’m so glad that this has continued on.

  6. I think I’ve been checking out your cartoons every few days for a year now. Finally commenting… geeez! HUGE CONGRATS! It’s amazing you’re still doing this and even more amazing how much of a change I’ve seen in you just in the last few months.

    … I feel like such a creep saying that. oh well. :)

    Looking forward to more art! Except maybe not the lovey dovey cartoons. Those make me want to vomit rainbows and kittens.

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