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  1. Hm.. not entirely sure that’s the case… I’ve been talking passionately about geocaching and only gotten, what can best be described as ‘pity-smiles and nods’. Hmm.. maybe I’m not being passionate enough about it? ;)

    (see, I’ve even created an animation with the location of all geocaches in DK .. http://gc.denada.dk – should I perhaps tell you of that one cache in Jersey where you had to walk out before the tide was all out.. ok, I’ll stop now ;))

  2. It is true for some women, not all. And there is only so much obsession women can take before it gets annoying (unless she is your obsession). But yeah, I can listen to whatever as long as your eyes are shining while you talk about that :) But if it’s something that takes time out of your quality time together then suddenly your lady will not be so happy about it. The best bet is to be passionate about her ;)

  3. Passion =/= obsession. Although it might turn into one. If I may quote a great man, “There is nothing cooler than being passionate about the things you love.” And I also agree that if she doesn’t appreciate it, she’s a bitch and you don’t want her :D

  4. @rené: fantastic animation! lots of twinkling wee geocaches lighting up like stars! I definitely need to visit Denmark with my gps :) that must have taken ages – maybe just a little obsessive though ;)
    There is an element of truth in the whole passion thing like Eeva said!

  5. @JenG: Thank you :) You totally should come. If you like biking as well, there’s quite a few great places for combining caching and biking (notice the long streak going NE to SW in the western part of the country towards the end? 180 caches along an old railroad line that has been turned into a 49km bicycle path :))
    (It took a little while to create the scripts for the animation – running it takes.. hmm.. 10 minutes and then evering is updated ;))

  6. @rené: That looks like a great route, has been a while since I was last on a bike but they say you never forget! I did a fantastic walk this summer in Wales it was only 6 caches but it was round the most amazing 4 miles of countryside :)
    I wonder what Scotland’s caches would look like animated

  7. @JenG: Gmm.. that could be arranged.. just wondering if anyone happened to maintain a bookmark list of the now archived caches there (for a more complete image). There aren’t _that_ many caches in Scotland though, but something good might come out of it ;) Can I ask what your cachername is? Mine’s renelm

  8. @rené: I don’t know of anyone keeping a bookmark list of archived caches. I’m coolcatcookie in the world of geocaching. My goodness! you have found thousands! literally! not that my enthusiasm is low but a combination of our weather, work and studying tends to slow things up a bit ;)

  9. JenG: Gotcha. A friend of mine has been a geocacher since.. hmm.. 2006 and only recently passed his 300th.. (the last 200-something was found in the last year with me.. helps to bring a friend ;))

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