One non-blonde

I’m quite amused with the controversy about the Happysad girl not actually being a blonde. I can perfectly understand why, but people who have paid attention could / should have known. Firstly, as Pantelis pointed out in the comments, those of you who have joined the Happysad fan group on Facebook must have seen this picture before:

But even if you’re not on Facebook, you might have spotted her charicature in the “Experiment” comic I published in November. Here’s the full picture, “published with permission”:

Direct quote: “I probably just say a lot of blonde things.”


4 thoughts on “One non-blonde

  1. hmmmm remembers seeing the caricature.. the sketch tho…i haven’t (she’s pretty btw). I am one of the many who went amok (if there were many) when you decided to pull the plug, so I havent been visiting the site (part of my ‘intervention’), until now. Good to know that you’re still putting things here…not totally cutting “us” off.

    Anyhoo…Yes, you are an attention whore as you said in your more recent “blog” but we like it that way…well me, that is.

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