So we have this Flemish newspaper, and on their website they’ve started publishing an evening edition, and for this publication, they’re looking for cartoons, and that’s why they came to me. Pretty cool story so far, right? Now, their idea was to let me (and others) send them whatever I came up with and if they like it, they’ll buy it. Not my typical way of working, but hey: exposure, right?

However, they’ve rejected everything I’ve thrown at them so far. Ouch. But hey, maybe someone else (with a different sense of humour) will enjoy them. So I offer you… my rejects!

Mind you, my international friends, these cartoons are in Dutch… The first one is translatable however.

“Great news, honey! The doctor said I have genial warts!”

Now I’m afraid the next one not only is untranslatable, but also really inexplicable to non-Flemish people. So please pardon our little topical inside joke here :-)

I have this feeling more rejected cartoons can be expected soon. Stay tuned!



Another (small) treasure

Oh look, another idea I’ve never elaborated on. It was a pretty good one nonetheless.

Meet Rebound Boy. He’s a… different kind of superhero I came up with a long, long time ago when I was having a fun time out with my dear friend and extremely talented illustrator Joke (yes, don’t laugh. “Joke” is an actual name here. Short for Johanna or something). We were out in a cafĂ©, drawing silly cartoons on beer coasters, and this was one of the results.

Rebound Boy, as you already understood, is the kind of superhero who shows up whenever a damsel in distress needs consoling when she’s dumped of has been dumped by her asshole boyfriend. That’s why he wears his “cape” in his shoulder instead of around his neck. Unfortunately, there will be no wild Rebound Boy adventures. He’s retired.

While waiting for new updates on this site, why not check out Joke’s work on ? Highy recommended stuff, Oscar-nominated no less!