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Look it up, kids!

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  1. 1 SoFa


    Very smart!! hahaha so…
    Jeez… so… i dunno!
    Who would have thought it! :O

  2. 2 Deanna

    omg haha thats me and my friend’s favorite word too.. aha idk how we came to know of it, but once we knew there was actually a word for that.. well we had to make it our favorite. awesome comic!

  3. 3 fifa


  4. 4 drew

    I’d only ever heard “callipygian,” which I think is way more common.

  5. 5 mcwm

    Would’ve been funnier if you’d managed to spell “definitely” correctly…

  6. 6 Miss Amy

    i felt kinda stupid when i had to look up the word…but knowing the definition made the comic SO much better. love it!

  7. 7 Matt

    He has a dictionary, but spells definitely wrong?

  8. 8 stuart

    “callipygous” it’s a perfectly cromulent word

  9. 9 Interesting...

    To the folks that are criticizing the spelling…

    Did any of you consider that it was misspelled on purpose?

  10. 10 peter

    To ‘interesting’ – did you ever consider that the writer is not using his first language?

  11. 11 Jerry

    “Callipygous” and its antonym “steatopygous” are two “words of the day” that I teach my sophomores in college.

    In the comic strip, I would liked to have seen “definitely” spelled correctly. Even my eight-year-old grandniece (second grade) can spell that word appropriately! (She knows the word does not have an “a” in it.)

  12. 12 Jeroen

    I KNOW I spelled definitely wrong, and being a bit of a spelling nazi myself, I would correct it right away. But this cartoon dates back 3,5 years and changing it now would feel like changing history. So I won’t.

  13. 13 Name Here

    well, callipygous is spelled right, so i wouldnt worry so much about “definately”

  14. 14 Cody

    callipygous (adj) – pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks; “the quest for the callipygian ideal”

    That’s really funny. Good use of the dictionary in the online comic world.

  15. 15 Paquitoh

    wow. . wattah nice drawing huh. . .hehe !! i like it !! =D

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