The good news and the bad news (edit!)

A few hours ago I posted a proud message that I had just bought a house. Yay! For those who were wondering: it’s the house I’ve rented the last two years that is now mine. So now it ‘s really “my place”.

But there is some bad news too, I’m afraid. Just when I was out to sign the contract, my dear little guinea pig Thelma died… That’s her house up there, all the way in the corner.

R.I.P. Thelma.

She had been a bit ill the last few days. She was also very very old in guinea pig years, and so I guess her time was finally up. I hope she had a good life and I’m glad she didn’t suffer much.

Goodbye little funny friend, I’ll sure miss your company.

Now I feel REALLY happy/sad…

7 thoughts on “The good news and the bad news (edit!)

  1. Yes yes, nice house, sweet staircase and stuff, very modern, but OH NO!
    That is tragic about Thelma. Animals often make better friends than people do.

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