A comment on hotlinking

It’s happened again… Yesterday there was a major surge in my bandwidth usage, this time because of a brazillion people all hotlinking to my Happysad cartoons from stumbleupon.com. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of me and my cartoons getting so much attention from all over the world, but I don’t want to upgrade my hosting plan every single month. This stuff costs money, and I’m still giving away Happysad for free! So anyway, after Myspace, I had to block off Stumbleupon as well.

To get things straight: YES, it is still ok to use my cartoons elsewhere, but please have the courtesy of hosting them somewhere else. Thank you!


10 thoughts on “A comment on hotlinking

  1. Just as comment. Well, first up your comics are amazing. I just sat down and read it through yesterday. ♥

    But StumbleUpon… is a weird process. What probably came up as hotlinking was a bunch of people rating certain ones of your comic images up. And once they’re rated, other people see someone else liked it, and go directly to the image URL… Yeah, I don’t understand it either. I rated your main page up — there’s too many good ones to do otherwise, and seeing only one comic is irritating.

    …Eh. My meaning got lost somewhere. Sorry for the ramble, and I adore Happysad!

  2. Sorry!

    (Arrived here from stumbleUpon, rated a few of your excellent cartoons… and then I saw this message :0 )

    I’ll remove the hotlinks I’ve added :)

  3. do you know exactly how stumble upon works?

    people are visiting your images directly, being directed there by stumble upon. not hot linking them (as it would seem because of the referrer url)

  4. Well, we’re both right, I think. Traffic has gone down today, but it’s still over 4 times more than normal. About half of it are direct links.

    Anyway, I guess this is just a storm I’ll have to go through, and pay some more for my bandwidth. Never thought this would happen, really. But… pray, what is that little logo on top of the sidebar doing there? Could it be I’m taking DONATIONS??

    Hey, feel free to show me some love :-)


  5. I’ve posted your cartoons on my blog, coz your lif.. err.. your cartoons, parallel some situations in my life.. (it’s a freakin’ conspiracy i tell yah!) :D

    You know, you aren’t alone in your situation dude! hehehe..
    (I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.. :p)

    Hope am not causing any traffic problems to your website..
    coz I’ve hosted your cartoons, and just posted a link to your website..
    and one more thing.. NOBODY ever visits my blog anyway! =))

    Kudos to Happy-Sad!! the MOST REAL comic strip out there, about real life..

    - Mike ^_^

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  7. Oops.

    I just done that a few comics ago. :(
    im sorry.

    ive been reading through all your comics,
    and wow.
    my hearts been touched.
    if you where younger, i’d have someone to relate with

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