10 thoughts on “Past tense

  1. Talk about nostalgia! I just discovered your weblog, following a bout of nostalgia after seeing Kristof VDB on TV. I think I’ve read three quarters of it in one go! Nice work, deceptively simple and great humour. Make way Dilbert and Garfield!


    PS: I blog too: check out the bartlog (blatant example of unwanted product placement)

  2. Hey there Bart, you old terrorist!

    Just checked your blog. Whoa, “probably one of the main reasons why students even bothered to buy the magazine in the first place”? How little did I know back then! :-)

    Great reading on your blog too. I’ll sure have to make some time for that too.


  3. It suits well for record freak like me, though I have to make one very important correction. I’ve to change cd to vinyl and then I can print it :)

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