Fundamental truth

Be someone special

I like this last bit so much, when my special Happysad-website ever gets finished, I’m going to use that as its baseline.

17 thoughts on “Fundamental truth

  1. I’ve never thought of it that way before but you’re right!

    Now if I could just get certain people to accept it ;)

  2. i apologize for hotlinking, i didn’t realize i had. And thank you for being mature with a response and not putting gay porn.

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  4. hey!thats a purfect coctail of humour n emotions!:)
    its just been three days i guess..i have…….stumbled upon…happysad and you!:)
    oh my…stumbling…never felt so goood!
    smiles are all that follow..:)
    great work…and a great way to work too!!
    keep going:)
    goodluck and godbless

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