6 thoughts on “Stop making sense

  1. Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that one, if everything happens for a reason, there must be some reason for the reason, if you get what I’m saying, I’m not sure that the universe is THAT well run or planned.

  2. it isn’t. Somewhere near the beginning of time, something happened (not sure what though), everything after that is a matter of causality, things happen because other things happened to make the ideal situation for the first thing to happen.

    or in other words: if you drop a vase, it is very likely to fall, the fall is not a matter of Fate, Destiny, or any other of those fancy words with capital letters, it is just an effect of you dropping it.

    I have spoken.

  3. Maybe not fate, but everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately, it only becomes apparent when looking back…

  4. “Happens for a reason” seems to make sense, but I take Jonas’s side on this. Skwerl, the point about it becoming apparent when you look back is simply you making connections – or a flow chart in your brain (or heart, heh) – about which things happened to cause other things to happen.
    Fate, Destiny, etc. bug me simply because I am not a big fan of not having my life in my own hands. Perhaps in another’s hands, but certainly not a being who is also bothered with everyone else’s life at all.
    I’m not sure how much sense any of that made, but that’s my two cents.

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