25 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. I’ve read the your comic for a good time now but never posted once. But this one has just became my favorite! Keep up the good work man.

  2. Well done, mate. I think you’ve just achieved the unachievable and managed to put the truth about women’s perversity in just a single comic :)

  3. Actually, when women say yes, what they mean depends on intonation. Yes could mean both yes and no, and also maybe. It could mean them all three at the same time!

    Maybe generally means yes though.

  4. It depends on the mood of the girl and how introverted/extroverted she is.
    If she doesn’t generally let you know how you feel (introverted) then maybe more often than not means yes. If she says yes, it is either a certain yes or a ‘yes, I’m doing this for you’ sort of deal, which you can put under the ‘maybe’ column.
    No generally means a simple no or “no, and I can’t believe you didn’t know that about me enough to know the right answer.”
    I don’t have much experience with extroversions so I’d let someone else handle that.

  5. I just stumbled on this page and feel like I have to leave a comment: as for men, yes means yes and no means no, for women yes means “yes, but..and…so….therefore..,” No means just NO!

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  7. Actually yes means “no”, maybe means “no”, no means “no”. Perhaps also means no, so do possibly, probably and “what do you think?”.

    The only time every word means “yes” is when the question is either “should I go away now?” or “are you mad darling?”.

  8. Actually, the better reply would be “Maybe”… then he would have a logical conundrum (if maybe means no, then his assumption isn’t correct, but if his assumptions are not correct, then maybe would not mean no…)

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