2 thoughts on “Profiler

  1. Teehee.

    Continuing the bandwidth stuff here: do GIF’s take up more space than PNG’s? I took this GIF and turned it into a PNG. It was 2.8 kB less in size as a PNG than a GIF. For one picture, viewed 15,000 times in two days, 225,000 in 30 (worst case scenario for your wallet, but good for the comic :P), that’s 630 MB. o.o If I did that correctly. Maybe changing the format could help. You could go through and change all of them, but with 445 cartoons, it might take a while. o.o

    Also note that this was taking a GIF to a PNG. I’m not sure if it’d be the same going from source to PNG and source to GIF, and then comparing. I can say that using The GIMP 2.0 to convert the GIF to PNG, I can’t tell a difference.

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