12 thoughts on “Fallback feeling

  1. i stumbled across a strip of yours a week ago, and found it so damn good that i promptly read all of the happy/sad series. i must say that i find it brilliant; and this strip is just one of the reasons why. so damn true to life!

    you have a gift, jeroen. thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    all the way from new york,

    - mike

  2. Great strip man. Your artwork and theme remind me of a strip I saw way back in the 70′s about two babies who were in love. Anyway, thanks for letting me read all of them and wasting the day. Good luck!

    From Texas

  3. Dude… This is exactly how I experience my memories of a past crush… Just won’t go away.

    The rest of your comics are also brilliant, keep it up.

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