If you like Happysad, you’ll LOVE Matt ‘Simpsons’ Groening’s Love is Hell. Yes I know, I’m 23 (!) years late, but it’s still brilliant stuff and you should check it out if you can.

And a short message in Dutch to my Belgian viewers: de nieuwe single van de Fixkes is er weer eens boenk op.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Plugs

  1. Just listened to the song you link too and feel a bit pooed now… It has a nice tune, but I get very recalcitrant listening to the lyrics.

    //For the non-Dutch speaking people who listened to the song anyway: the main jest of the lyrics is that the singer wonders how a former girlfriend of his is doing and hopes that she’s at least a little bit unhappy.//

    Even though I can understand the sentiment, I can’t relate to it at all.
    Speaking from my limited experience : I honestly and with all my heart hope that my former loves are happy. It makes it so much easier to truly let go knowing they are happy.
    Then again, I’m just wondering if the fact that I have always been the one to leave *them* might make a difference on how I look back ;-)

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