I’m not as think as you drunk I am


For the occasion, I’ve made up my own Happysad drinking game. Feel free to suggest more rules if you want!

  • Expression of painful recognition in comments: 1 sip.
  • Someone adds “aww” to the comments: 1 sip.
  • I (apparently) contradict myself in whatever I’ve just published: too easy, no drinking. Yet.
  • Someone actually points out the logic in said perceived contradiction: yeay, finish your drink in one go!
  • Any sentence in a cartoon starting with “Hey”, “Well” or “So”: 1 sip.
  • Reference to ex-gf: drink with me, my friend – 2 sips.
  • Someone points out scientific incorrectness about some far-fetched geeky reference I made: just 1 sip (there is always one).
  • Comment in Dutch: 2 sips for anyone who doesn’t speak it. Een goei pint voor al de rest.
  • I announce a short break for so-called lack of inspiration: keep on drinking until I return!
  • I return with sh*tload of new Happysad ideas: finish the bottle to celebrate!
  • Announcement of yet another bandwidth upgrade: you buy ME a drink.
  • Boobies: 1 sip per boobie.
  • A cartoon manages to present an age-old cliche re. men & women in a relatively new way: 0.5 sips (don’t want you to get drunk too fast).
  • Female reader acknowledges deep truth in said cartoon: 3 sips.
  • Male reader remembers this actually happening IRL: drink as much as you like man, it won’t help you forget.
  • You can see the characters’ feet: 3 sips.
  • You can see the characters’ arms: 300 sips.
  • Someone actually contributes >1$ to my Paypal donate account: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!!

10 thoughts on “I’m not as think as you drunk I am

  1. I’m crying my eyes out here… this one hit far too close to home…

    Mijn lief habitually drank like that in the hope of forgetting his desperation a bit. It didn’t bring him bliss and his desperation only got worse.
    He chose the only way out he could see last week.

    Seeing your cartoon makes me wonder whether you knew him. He lived in Maastricht.

    Feel free to drink as much as I have been doing (to try and drown some of the pain) over the last week over this comment.

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