Maybe I’m still with you… (#500!)


If I haven’t lost count somewhere, this should be the 500th Happysad cartoon!

And now this one’s published, I’m going to take a break. Yes, I really need one. Digging so deep every day has been therapeuthic but also quite exhausting. I’m kind of worn out now, so I just want to have a rest, reload the mental batteries and look for some new inspiration.

I don’t know for how long this will take, could be a few days, could be a few weeks… but I’ll keep on checking the comments here and maybe publish some other stuff in the meanwhile. So don’t go away, I’ll be back!


24 thoughts on “Maybe I’m still with you… (#500!)

  1. Whoa… You proved that you’re still great, Jeroen. :) I suppose it’s not the end of your creativeness. =] Recent HappySads haven’t been such masterpieces, but this brings round confidence you’re able to surprise us again and again. :]

    I hope you will have made a new one until Christmas. ;)

  2. Another Polish voice wishing you a very fruitful rest and hoping to enjoy some more Happysads in the near future ;) especially that this 500th one is really charming :)
    take care!

  3. Congratulations, Jeroen! You should be very proud of yourself, not just anyone can do what you do. Have a nice break!

    I am looking forward to seeing what comes next :)

  4. Oops… missing you already… I can’t even last a few days without my HappySad fix… darn….

    Maar.. alle gekheid even opzij gezet (ook al is bovenstaande nog zo waar): geniet van wat welverdiende R&R en ik kijk uit naar het vervolg – wanneer het ook moge weze !

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    I hope the withdrawal symptoms some of you are experciencing aren’t too severe…

    Despite my “break”, I’m still thinking about Happysad a lot of the time – it’s become a hard habit to break, I guess – although I can’t say new inspiration has struck yet. That stuff is somewhat dependent on other people as well, you know (ahem)…
    But I may have an alternative up my sleeve. Check back soon!

  6. Congratulations on 500 cartoons. I’ll be mildly distressed without my daily dose, but I hope you have a good break. Thanks for the good times.

  7. Ag.. looking for inspiration are you ? Well, what about visiting the LoveDance party this Saturday in Paradiso Amsterdam ? ( )
    Could be inspirational in many many different ways…. – some of which I’m not sure you really want to start imagining ;-) one of those things you just have to experience to fully appreciate -and if nothing else, at least you’ll be at a party AND you’ll be able to feel a warm glow of doing good (it’s a Aids Foundation benefit as Saturday is World Aids Day)

    I’ll be there !

  8. What … on … earth ?!

    I go off for a week’s holiday and my favourite cartoon goes on a break !

    Come back HS !!!!

    (enjoy your break, reload those batteries & make us all happy again !)

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