14 thoughts on “Hmm hmm hmm hmm

  1. *facepalm*

    Well, sexual animals will be sexual animals, I guess. Intellect superior to the average animal won’t prevent that.

    … I’m not even sure I know the main characters’ names. =\ Did you ever even mention them, Jeroen?

  2. I know the names! I know the names!
    And nope, they were never mentioned here…

    Ànd I’ve got pictures of the prehistoric Jeroen too!!
    How lucky can you get? :-)))

    Fancy some blackmail Jeroen?
    Have another Jameson over there in Dublin my friend ;-)


  3. Sorry for the late response, as you know I’ve been away for a few days. Anyway, just wanted to confirm that no, I’ve never given them names. So never mind what J° is claiming up there, he still believes this is all based on real people, the delusional sod. I’ll blackmail you…!

    BTW should they have names? They don’t even have arms, noses or ears! Some people have started to invent their own names, like just “Happysad” or the Happysad guy, or “our little guy” when they try to encourage him :-)

  4. I think they are better without names- happysad guy and happysad girl are enough. If a name is needed, it usually evolves naturally. Some reader will give them names and others start using them too. Thats how happysad guy and happysad girl came. So I guess they already have names, just not usual ones.

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