Passed the 50K mark!

Check this out:


Those are my February site stats. Yes, I broke another record, clearing the 50K mark just like that. Yeay! BTW for those who were wondering, I’ve checked it and yes, RSS feeds are included in this number.

Now I know that there are lies, damned lies and statistics, and a lot of traffic comes from Stumbling-upon passers by etc… But it’s still a nice indication, no?

For anyone in or around Belgium: 50K… that’s pretty much the audience at Rock Werchter :-)


16 thoughts on “Passed the 50K mark!

  1. Indeed. Congrats, Jeroen! Your site deserves all those visits more. You’re a very talented individual, and I’ve been reading Happy/Sad daily for a good 7 months now. I’m hooked and I don’t plan on stoppin!

    Also, I agree with Sue. Let’s find you a publisher. Unfortunately I’ve got no connections…drats!

  2. Wow, what a coincidence. My stats show a record too: 6 unique visitors on one day! ;-)

    Congratulations! And remember that Werchter gets to 50K only once a year, while you hit it every month!

  3. Ever thought about a DVD release? It’s cheaper to make than a printed version, it’s original so you can get some media attention, you can add menus, wackos and short movies on ‘the making of’. And you can do it all by yourself (or friends) to design the DVD, press it at a local disc printing service (200 copies for a start) which reduces the risk somewhat and see if it catches on. Just a thought ;-)

  4. as a stumbler who has become addicted…stumble is a great way to reach the masses! I added several cartoons myself and sent out the link to friends as well. There are some that I would love to have on my myspace page…there should be an embed link ;) if you were ok with that sort of thing.

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