10 thoughts on “It’s a guy thing…

  1. i remembered a friend saying just because we’re men doesn’t mean we don’t get hurt as much as you (women) do during break ups, i was stunned (well, just for a second). but he was really sincere then. i just duno why i remembered him.. this episode made me thought of him..

  2. but it often appears like men don’t hurt as much as girls. because the day after breakups, it seems like the guys always have their arm around some slut-faced ho-bag. but that may be just me and my experiences. . perhaps there are guys who do get hurt, but i’m yet to meet them.

  3. I’m sorry autumn has had such horrible experiences with men. I know one of the worst moments of my life was having to break my ex-boyfriend’s heart. I don’t think he ever really recovered from it.

    Sad guys are the most heartbreaking guys. :(

  4. I fucking hate winter

    that said I just got out of a 2 year relationship that ended as cute broring love
    but gd I fricking love cute boring love.
    let me make love to you in the snowfall in the cold and white snow and be with you forever.
    thoughts are either weird or irrelevant.
    it sucks being a romantic, the romance within has left this world, people don’t want to be be seen as not being happy.
    I say… nothing… and cry and leave.. and go on, be prepared.
    love lies
    even within us:)
    words do strange things

    I may be drunk but I’ll make love and give and take what makes her love it.
    thus has been given to me.

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