9 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. Hip hip hip – nen dikke proficiat he mateken!
    Ik zal u wel ne strip als kado geven die ge dan in juni moogt terug kado doen :)
    cheers tonite!

  2. you have? really it’s you birthday?
    sooo… what I will wish you? Inspiration, happiness, and more fans like us ;)
    Take care:)
    and I suppose there won’t be any cartoon tomorrow because of hangover? …oh well..once in a year ;)

  3. Hi
    I stumbled here and was reading allll
    of your comics… which I LOOOVE!!
    Happy (belated) Birthday
    you wonderful Gemini Genius!!

    I too am a Gemini… and LOVED the
    post from May 29th… which was my birthday :)

    So what that it’s almost august…
    THIS Gemini celebrates all year bitches!!!

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