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  2. @ranaway,

    You are precisely what is wrong with women in general.
    Have fun being a frigid bitch the rest of your life.

  3. Yeah I agree with Bob, ranaway sounds like she needs to runaway, cold hearted to say the least. must not have many boyfriends who would want to say nice things to her.

  4. Yep I agree with Blake. Also this comic is funny and I stumbled on this so it will get many more hits soon.
    Good luck Jeroen!

  5. I think bob lost sight of this being a comic. Silly Bigot! Women like to be made to feel special. If you can’t handle it….well then I hope you enjoy internet porn and your right hand for the rest of your life. Cheers!

  6. I know exactly who I want to say this to! I just can’t wait, I can see it now, she’ll give me this sly, witty smile and slowly walk up to me and plant a kiss on my lips. Thanks for the idea! ;-)

  7. LOL. I feel bad for the girlfriends of the guys above who said they’re going to memorize this to say it for them. HA suckers my boyfriend would never do that. He buys me diamonds :)

  8. @ Kendra

    I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend is an unimaginative primate who throws money at problems rather than, say, time, personality, or creativity. He’s probably not going to propose to you in a song that he composed and performed himself, won’t leave little notes on your car when you’re having a bad day, or any of hundreds of other things the modern man can do to make his woman feel special.

    If, on the other hand, all you want is people to buy you things in order to feel special, give me your Pay Pal address; I’ll send you ten bucks you you can buy yourself a clue.

  9. I think it’s cute, no adorable.
    and if my boyfriend said ANYTHING along those lines.
    I’d throw my self at him.
    I think girls need to be more appreciative of the little things guys do for us, they try their best and using words and cute little actions even it’s as simple as wiping the hair out of your eyes is cuter than diamonds.

    I had a boyfriend who bought me diamonds and jewelery for so no reason on a regular basis, and I only saw him as a friend, and it was hard for me to break it off with him.

  10. A very cute line :) Not sure if i would repeat it though :P

    Whats the deal here, Don’t generalize. It’s not smart. Some women might prefer a sweet corny line like that, some might prefer shiny gems. Everyone’s different.

    Although i will say that the women who prefer the line will be happier, since its a lot easier to give (thus comes more often) and not just an object.

    Going out to buy some stones is easy. Being creative, sweet and spending time takes thought and commitment.

  11. awww, that was really cute. I think I would blush silly or something like that if my boyfriend said that.

  12. I don’t care who you are a heartfelt sentiment is worth more than jewelry that thousands of other women may have.
    Cute ‘toon.

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  14. Who do some people have to be so nasty? What is there to be nasty about here? It blows my mind. I thought it was lovely, if a bit tacky!!

  15. Very nice.

    But let me underestand this, all of the people who left comments bashing the creator or each other must have very horrible lives. If you feel the need to leave a comment saying that women are idiots, men are idiots, diamonds are good/flowers are bad, you live a miserable life and will probably for a long time.

  16. I strongly feel the need to express my worthless views. Women are idiots. Men are idiots. (I am not an idiot, by the way). Diamonds are good for nothing, flowers smell bad most of the time.
    What else ? Oh yea, i have a very miserable, a very horrible life and i hope you have too for a long time.

    *sigh* The wonderful world of comments left behind on the internet.

    But i very much liked that last line of the comic. Jeroen rocks !

  17. I’m Kendra’s boyfriend. I do buy her diamonds. Actually, I buy tickets to baseball games where she can LOOK at the baseball diamond while I watch the game and ignore her sorry butt.

  18. Vuntz I had a kendy store
    Bizniss vas so bad
    I asked mein vife vat to do
    And dis is vat she said:
    Take yourself some kerosene
    Pour it on de floor
    Take a match, give a scratch
    No more kendy store, HEY!

  19. @bernard
    haha very nice.

    and btw reading ppl bashing each other on comments they will probably never read again is just as entertaining as the stuff i stumble on. yay for thin skinned and irritable ppl! keep it up guys XD.

  20. I love this line. It’s adorable. I would love for someone to tell me something like that, even if it is corny.

  21. I think it is a little over the top. I wouldn’t really want to hear it either.

    It’s good in a comic, though. :)

  22. My wife loved it :)

    She said it was sweet even if I took it from someone else.

    Women like to hear cute stuff like that. Makes them feel special. I write poetry on the bathroom wall in crayon sometimes. Makes her heart melt. Guys take note. ;)

  23. like the comment very much, it is corniyly romantic and has just the right touch for a cheesy pass to your girl online or at a post cared shop. what can i say theres a good time for every remark, just need to find it. take all and keep up the funny post.

  24. It made me laugh and that what matters

    * It’s FAKE/Shopped <– a must in this day and age on internet community, besides calling everyone stooooopid *

    Keep the good work

  25. If my boyfriend said this to me, would I screw his brains out? hhm, no. Think it was omg, so cute?! Probably not. Think it was funny and clever? Definitely. Great comic!

  26. I tried once to ask my bf for a complement one day…

    his response: “Are you breaking up with me?”

    Nope. Just wanted a complement lol. he’s randomly insecure.

  27. if that were actually two people…i would think the compliment was cute but the fact that she asked for it isn’t nice. she must be self absorbed.still…cute comment! =]

  28. @ Caroline

    i know that myself and 95% of the people commenting this are here because they stumbled upon it. of all of the people who stumble, more than 90% are males with a crude, particular sense of offensive humor, all of which who like to be heard. that being said, you just have to ignore ‘em or join ‘em.


  29. If my girlfriend asks for a compliment … I just walk away haha.

    She knows that though, I shower her with compliments and love everyday, but asking for it is too far. Just be cute and I’ll tell you you are :)

    @Amanda: haha just a *tad* insecure? Just let him know how awesome he surely is :) or buy him a guitar like my gf did.. :P

  30. AWWW that is so sweet!!!!! i wish i had someone to say that to me. i would, like, die on the spot if i were told that. Luv this!!

  31. Ok, have to post that I ask for compliments from my bf because I’m terribly insecure and just need the pick-me-up it gives. He’s always honest with me, so I know he’s not just saying things because I asked him too. Pathetic of me? Perhaps. Necessary Evil? Hell yeah!

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  33. Too Ranaway, they are being far to mean in face of your realistic view on a sub-par comic, They don’t understand the reason you can’t stand the thought of anything nice being said about/to you is the unignorable fact that you have long been useless outside of emotionless sex..

    .. truth

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