New Happysad archive

No cartoon today, but another big announcement!

I’ve created a new Happysad gallery, on a new site:

Now I had to improvise, and you will see that I am clearly not an experienced web designer. So for the gallery itself I used a standard tool provided by the hosting company. It’s very, very basic, and still far from perfect, but at least it’s slightly easier to navigate than the old one. If anyone would like to help me to improve the whole site somehow, starting with replacing that terribly outdated HTML homepage I made, feel free to let me know. is hosted on another server, with a new host. I’ve no idea how well they cope with high traffic loads, but we’ll soon find out, won’t we? Go check it out!


5 thoughts on “New Happysad archive

  1. Hey :) I’d love to help improve/create/whatever a Happysad archive site (free of charge, it goes without saying). I’ll email you later tonight (or you could email me, I assume you can see my email address) and provide a couple of samples to see if you’re interested, hahah.

  2. Hi there!
    I actually liked the old gallery more – it was integrated here, same 5-comics on a page design.
    But I admit it’s simpler and easier to focus, I’ve looked at one and whoof, I’m at number 0.44.
    You catch me every time :)

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