17 thoughts on “The four stages of loneliness

  1. Aaaaah, thank God you’re posting again. I know I havent commented before, but I really love youre drawings! They’re cute, easy on the eyes and always right on the sore spot hahahaha
    Please never stop!

    By the way, I don’t know why I write in English, terwijl ik weet dat je Vlaams bent! Groetjes uit Holland! ;)

  2. ik heb je blog onlangs pas ontdekt maar al veel van je cartoons gelezen, bij een aantal kon ik me heel goed inleven
    maar deze is de spijker op de kop (ofzoiets :))

  3. @ Eveline; Good point :P But typing in Dutch takes less effort, thinking about grammar and stuff, so Dutch would in fact be easier… but what the hell! :)

  4. I thought that I am the only person in the world that feeling this way and I was totally surprised to learn that I am not alone. I was sad to read about your post about your lonely and I really wish to help other people too because your post really reminds me of me. It is okay to feel lonely sometimes because we are just a human and we really need someone to share our feelings sometimes. They could try to connect to people around them. There are actually a lot of people like us that need each other. Let’s just support each other and be true friends to each other. First step is always difficult but I did it anyway. I hope other lonely people out there will do the same too.

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