Fan art: More Miguel

I said Miguel made 5 cartoons for me. I picked another one I thought was very interesting, and will keep the rest for some time later.

What intrigues me the most here, is that name. Linda. Care to explain, Miguel? :-)

P.S. Everyone, you can stop sending fan art now! I have a received plenty for now, and I’ll publish maybe just a few more, but then I have really really have to start drawing new stuff.

4 thoughts on “Fan art: More Miguel

  1. Interestingly enough, I’ve been on the other side of the phone when conversations like these happen. Never on the receiving side. :/

  2. You should draw a few, the next few days and then still publish some of the Fanart. So next time, you have a “drawing-problem” you can continue to post a few. ;)

    Thanks for all the comics through the time. =)

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