10 thoughts on “Merely coincidental

  1. i don’t understand. . why are you boys like that?
    just come out and tell the girl. .
    it does make things easier.

  2. “I don’t know how to respond to that”
    “I can’t have feelings for you in that way”
    “I don’ want to risk our friendship”
    “But I just started dating (insert name of asshole who broke her heart at least once already) again”

  3. You missed the classic: “Let’s just be friends…”.
    Which is a short euphemism for “Oh, I love how you idiot do everything for me – listen to me, help me moving to my next boyfriend and back, driving me where I want, … – but you’re so not alpha-male, I wouldn’t **** you in my nightmares. I prefer an aggressive, jealous, testosteron-loaded asshole.”.

  4. then you haven’t found the right one to tell her you like her that way! some of us really do like the nice guys, we just get hit on by the assholes. most of us aren’t nuns, so we say yes. and we get hurt. vicious vicious cycle.

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