Love is blindness

9 Responses to “Love is blindness”

  1. 1 Jezza


  2. 2 Phoenix

    The best meaning of perfection in love I’ve ever known

  3. 3 Boodie


  4. 4 Virge

    Genius, pure genius.

  5. 5 Anna

    aww. perfect indeed..

  6. 6 Anna

    actually this one reminded me of this >>

  7. 7 rené

    Well, that is what love is.. and I’d like one of those too if you happen to find two of those.

  8. 8 Devorah

    It would be nice if you would write the dialogue in the alt text. Then visually impaired folks can read too!

  9. 9 Leo

    Nice words, gotta quote them

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