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For those of you who live in Belgium – or who would be so fanatic as to come to Belgium for the occasion – there will be two occasions to meet me live in the near future. Because I’ve won the Leuven Draait cartoon contest, there will be a modest exposition of some of my cartoons at the closing event, on September 19th at the Molens van Orshoven in Leuven, starting at 2PM (more information here). And in October, on the 17th to be precise, I’ve been asked to give an ‘acte de présence‘ at the Stripfestival in Lanaken, starting around 11AM (see here). I really hope to meet a lot of my regular visitors there!!

For those of you who live too far away to come, there may be one other opportunity… if you would happen to be in Mallorca next week. Mail me at if you are.

Oh, and finally, there’s someone who wants to say hello to you all…

19 thoughts on “Jeroen Live

  1. Man I would love to come and get an autograph and meet you IRL.

    But unfortunately I can’t.
    Hopefully there will be a lot who can. :)

    Glad to hear from you again Jeroen. :)

  2. Oh :( I would love to! But… too far :( Eh …
    But congrats! :) That’s wonderful!

    I haven’t been here for a while. You asked if the cartoon would blow your future relationship? Tricky question, probably yeah, you wouldn’t write everything. However, it will all depend who will you meet – maybe she would be quite ok with that :) There are lots of blogs about relationships, marriages, where private things are written. So as always nothing can be predicted ;)

  3. I would love to be there on the 19th Sept, it would be way better than sitting my exam, but you are rather far away and I have been learning French (well trying to) for a year now and it would be très stupide to not show for the exam. So all the best for the day :)
    and it’s great to see the wee guy again :)

  4. oh HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…..u knw wat…it gave me a weird warm feeling inside to see the little guy…(this is so silly)…missed u dude…!!!

    congrats on the awards….but DAMN IT…i cnt cum…but pls…upload pics???? maybe on ur FB profile or some page….

  5. oh, and I thought you were throwing a party!!!!! :-)
    I live in Cologne…so I think I might just make it in Sept. Wear something nice!!!! ;-))))) Congrads on the award!

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