Work, work, work

The question whether or not to continue the Happysad series is starting to become sort of a non-issue lately, as I’m being swamped with assignments for my ‘regular’ cartoons. Which is nice, of course (especially financially).

I say, lucky thing I don’t have a girlfriend! I can’t imagine how I’d get all this work done inbetween all the sex and the blissful happiness and stuff… :p


8 thoughts on “Work, work, work

  1. @Hermes: he’s not dead yet, just hibernating. If you click on the tab ‘Cartoons’ (see above), you can see some of my ‘regular’ cartoon stuff. Take note, however: all of these are in Dutch, and most of them are pretty outdated…

  2. seriously. . sex just gets in the way of everything. your work just piles up, while you’re all laid up doing the horizontal cha-cha. good thing you have your priorities straight, jeroen.

  3. definitely, keep it this way! don’t disturb yourself, earn money and enjoy your success ;) As a famous cartoonist the crowds will stand by your door (ok, they have lunch time now, but any minute…. ;) )

  4. awwwwww mann!

    i love that dude!! and i really hope he’ll get together with lil miss happysad somewhere in the future! that would be a great closure to the comic! =)

  5. Noooo don’t let this be the last of Happysad!! (selfish, aren’t i?!)

    This is reminding me of that other comic blogger, Stickgal. heard abt her before? Her add’s stickgal[dot]blogspot[dot]com. She hooked up with a dude and that was the end of her blog.


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