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I don’t know how many people keeping checking up on this site, in desperate need of Happysad updates, but if you’re one of them: I just wanted to drop by and say hi, and assure you I’m still alive. But that’s about it. As for new cartoons, I think it’s quite clear the last few updates after the infamous #1000 didn’t exactly accomplish the task of kicking this series back into life. I have to admit, my bucket of inspiration has completely run dry. No use in trying to force it, that obviously doesn’t work. Maybe it’s about time a came up with something new, I don’t know. In any case, just like Happysad just came to me one day, we’ll have to be patient and wait for inspiration (or a new muse??) to strike again. Until then, I’ll still keep an eye on my site, because I love your comments.

Seeya, J.

31 thoughts on “Just hi

  1. That is good to know, that you are still alive. I really do enjoy HappySad and would be sad to see it go. But if it does I would very much like to see something from you again. Only you as the artist can decide the future of your comic, but all your fans are behind you I’m sure.

    May you find your muse.

  2. As René I let Google Reader check your site, for me. :p

    I love to get a new HappySad once in a while, so though it’s nothing groundbreaking it’s very nice to see the little guy. :)

    I for one, would like to see you comment and reply to us who comments – it’s like sending a mail and don’t know if it arrives or not. :/

    I hope you’re not having too much trouble in your everyday. :)

  3. I’ts nice to see you pop up in my reader. I’m sure we’ll all be happy for whatever things you feel you have to share with us – and if that’s nothing, we’ll miss you, but we’ll live!

    Hope your new year is fantabulous.

  4. oh my rss is still concentrated to follow any new surprise! ;)
    But say, doing some new projects? this website is called kartoen, not happysad so you can show off all your other cartoons ;)
    You know what they say about 2010, as the new decade and blablabla, new inspirations will flood you probably ;)

  5. Well, Another one of those who follows you when you update, use RSS though :3

    It’s nice to know you’re still alive Jero =)

    Something I’d like to see is a collection of your personal favourites in a post or so, give us some flashbacks (Perfect for those who can’t be bothered to read through all 1000 of them again) ^^

  6. Another gReaderer here!
    I remember I found out about happysad when it was past the 1000th strip and I read the whole thing over the following three days (which made me happy). I then realized that I could possibly never see another strip (which made me sad). I signed to the RSS feed anyway to add to my collection of dead RSS feeds, only to find out that strips kept coming! (which made me happyyyy!), even though not as often or regularly as other comics (which made me sad).

    So all in all it’s all very fitting, and the whole thing left me more happy than sad, so there.

  7. Thanks for all the comics Jeroen. I check the site pretty much daily for updates, big or small, comic or newspost, it is always good to see one of my favorite artists still contributing something to all his fans.

    Thanks for all the inspiration (and making us HappySad Folks) feeling like we aren’t the only ones. :)

  8. OOOOOOOH ,,i really feel sad =(((
    i do miss ur drawings .i keep checking ur site to find a new one trying not to believe that u won’t give us new one soon =((

    i am WAITING for u AGAIN AGAIN

    Tasnim from EGYPT =)

  9. Believe to be a friend of your friends who just had a beautiful baby-boy. Anyways … Hope inspiration will find “her” way back to you soon. Cause I do adore happy/sad!

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