8 thoughts on “Wish

  1. If you are as lovely in real life as you are in your comics you should have chicks all over you. Every comic you make either touches our heart or makes us laugh or both. You are the reason why it is so hard for us to fall for real men.. the only man who always says the right words at the right time is sadly in 2D.

  2. Hey Jeroen

    so glad you’ve decided to make some more cartoons again ! :-)

    Plenty single attractive ladies out there you know … look at me :-)))


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  4. I don’t really know if you still read this. I read all you got here on happysad in one day…

    It was very strange. I think I saw one of the happysad cartoons somewhere and I just knew that I would find someone different in ways that I am different too.

    So when I saw references to Douglas Adams, Monty Python, /b/, and other stuff, well, I wasn’t really surprised.

    I always have a hard time finding people that I think I’d like. I have found some on the web (maybe three). Ok, now four.

    I was not going to leave any messages, but this comic went overboard.

    I don’t know if you are reaching out or what. I am. Always. To select people only. But always.


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