Mad about you

OK, girls, I already know what you’re going to say. Just wait until you’ve seen tomorrow’s cartoon, ok?

9 thoughts on “Mad about you

  1. but WHAT IF you’ve both agreed and made it clear from the start that the relationship will always remain platonic and you only want to be friends and nothing more?

  2. how does one person falling for the other prevent them from honoring the agreement? just because you would like something more doesnt mean you dont see the friendship as a good thing and dont enjoy it and arent more than capable of controlling yourself.

  3. Men and women can never be friends, because if the woman shows up naked at the man’s house and tells him she wants him to fuck her until she can’t walk straight anymore, the guy will do one of 2 things:

    - Fuck her silly
    - Tell her no because he is gay.

    unless of course, the man is already fucking someone more attractive.

  4. invertedquestionmark you cant control feelings (which is a large part of the point) you can however, control actions.

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