Out of office

Happy holidays everyone :-)

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  1. 1 rené

    Let me guess.. it went like this? [censored], [censored}, [more censored bits] and then some [censored] ? =)

  2. 2 jom_ina.loo

    awww….happy time is here!…lay low on the booze tho! Merry New 2011!!!

  3. 3 invertedquestionmark

    for a guy who’s always quick to end up in the friendzone, this dude gets lucky pretty often

  4. 4 Annie

    aww! this was cute! good luck with your guest! :)

  5. 5 Avinash

    well where is she from i guess faroffistan?

  6. 6 Hooligan


    Have a Happy New Year Jeroen!

  7. 7 Tarmo

    Happy new year to you both !

  8. 8 Judit

    \o/ :-)

  9. 9 dAnonymn

    Really nice comic series you’ve got going here. Really like it & have been reading your archives, up to mid 2007 at present. Keep up with the great work, and Happy New Year!

  10. 10 Bart

    Her Christmas gifts were confiscated and she got a 1200 € fine for not declaring the food items.

  11. 11 funnelwebkitten

    I hope this is the young lady from Faroffistan!

    Have a GREAT new year!

  12. 12 Alex from Malaysia



    i’m so so so so happy for you jeroen!!

  13. 13 JenG

    Sweet! Happy New Year!

  14. 14 red

    this lady better make u happy, jeroen~!

    happy new yr!

  15. 15 Joanna

    Happy New Year :)

  16. 16 Peter

    Yeah :D Happy New Year!!!

  17. 17 runaway

    I hope that it will be a good (great, marvellous, splendid!) prophecy for next year :)

  18. 18 MaryPop

    :) :) happy new year! :) :)

  19. 19 mai

    very nice!

  20. 20 Petra

    Well-well, Tarmo… Is going to be going to be Happy New Year for You as well;)? Best warm wishes anyway for you – there has to be something warm in new year near to you, and this year, wishes will be it:)!

  21. 21 Tarmo

    Thank you Petra :)
    A wonderful new year and lots of bubbles to you as well

  22. 22 Bart

    I’d like to take a minute here to point out to the greater public that these comics are not in any way autobiographic and that no further conclusions should be made as to the author’s current life or future. Any similarities to real events and/or persons are purely coincidental.

    Thank you

  23. 23 Ujo

    Man i’m needing the next comic!! I don’t wanna go on Abstinence Sindrome, please!!

  24. 24 Lipi

    Happy New Year :-)

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