Fan art: the girl from Yonderland

Yep, she made a contribution too! :-)

Now, before we get to it, all the guys reading this should first check out what “felting” is, before they get any weird ideas: wikipedia article. Yeah I didn’t know it either, at first.

Thanks sweetie! See you soon :-)

11 thoughts on “Fan art: the girl from Yonderland

  1. This strip was inspired by felting a big white ball in my bath but I didn’t really make it a face as I got the idea many days later. I’m slow…
    So Jippus your wife could still be the first to felt a face. You just have to be very inspiring ;)
    @funnelwebkitten (blushes)

  2. Ok, NOW I understand what this ‘felting’ is.. I saw it as something, oh-so-very-dirty at first (3rd time I’m trying to add this comment.. lets see if it sticks this time..)

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