26 thoughts on “Meanwhile

  1. @ Rattus: You’re in my favourite city in the world!!! xD I wish I was there!!! It’s been 6 years since I last visited Vienna… :P But no, at the moment I’m in Portugal. Hot sun, great beaches, and I’m at the office… lol

    @Kaja: I’ve been wishing to go to Australia for years… Ahahaha :)

  2. @ Rattus: If it was the coffee was in New York was still accepted the invitation, but as I’ve never been a case there would be thinking. At this very moment I am in Portugal, sun, beaches … But within an office did not get anything.

  3. @ Filipe: Well… Then, if I understood what you were trying to say correctly, I’d say it could be something like this:

    “If the coffee was in New York I would accepted the invitation, since I’ve never been there I could consider the idea. At this very moment I am in Portugal, sun, beaches … But being in an office I can’t get any of those.”

    I’m not sure about the New York part, because I didn’t quite get your idea… Is it that you’ve never been to NY and you would like go there? :P

  4. WoW i didn’t see you two!!! xD
    Well if you decide to go to Coimbra someday, leave a note!
    My blog is: ha–dias–assim.blogspot.com

    I really think it’s awesome how this site connects people from so many different countries =)

  5. @Valter: Somehow I can’t seem to find your blog… that address returns as error… the only one similar to that that I found belongs to a girl from Lisbon… So, I’m guessing it’s not you!

    Check out mine, and drop a line if you want to: http://perolas-do-dia-a-dia.blogspot.com/

    And please, laugh all you want!! That’s the intended purpose! xD

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