11 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. F*ck brain, go with the heart…
    If it proves you were “wrong”, you can always say you were stupid/blind or something like that and just add it to the pile of all other stupid stuff you did… It won’t hurt, but it will build your life expirience.
    But, if you go with the brain, and if it proves that you made a mistake, then that pile of lost loves will be bigger and will hurt as hell!

  2. Kinda similar situation here… met a girl, she moved to the city where I live (only partly due to me tho), everything is working out extremely well. Got a job offer on the sea, which I wanted for a VERY long time.. Now my brain and heart are kinda battleing what to do, and to be honest, I’m feeling quite lost :)

  3. heart vs head is always tough, sometimes though you really do have to take a chance, a leap of faith and just see how things go.

    If it doesn’t work you end up feeling sad and lonely for a bit, if it does work, then man you have hit the jackpot.

    You always regret most the things you DIDN’T take a chance on.

  4. You need to give love a chance, as someone that has lost because of over thinking I can only say that the brain, although an important tool in our body, is not always right. You don’t want to wonder “what would have happen if..” Just go for it!! and if it goes wrong we’ll be here to cheer you up, and if it is a happily ever after we’ll be here to cheer you on!

    Don’t think! just go for it!

  5. If you stick with it and things go south you won’t lose anything more than you would by giving up now, and you’ll have gained time with her in exchange. Who knows, maybe something will change and it will work out, but even if not, are you willing to give up so much time with her out of fear?

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