Dropping by

Hi everyone!

Just dropping by to say hello to those of you who are visiting my site to check for new Happysad updates. Thank you for your loyalty and continued support! Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I’m actually quite enjoying this holiday I’ve given myself, and plan to prolongue it for some time (what wou YOU do is you could give yourself a holiday, right?). Meanwhile I continue to contemplate the future…


12 thoughts on “Dropping by

  1. This is happysad indeed – happy that you are finding yourself well on a holiday and sad that we don’t get updates!

    Seriously now, we’re glad that you have a break (i’m somewhat envious) from your atristic and creative talents (also envious) and we’ll definitely stick around till your next update (still envious)!

    Cheers mate, and you take care :D

  2. Hey Jeroen,

    Just dropped by say that yes… I’m checking back regularly for updates.. and that I love your comics and have been a regular reader since atleast 3 years…

    Hope your break is going perfect… just sit back and relax.. we will be right here where you left us.


  3. I’m happysad for you. Happy you’re enjoying yourself. Sad I have no new Happysad to read.

    Keep on enjoying yourself IMO :) Its good to be selfish sometimes.

  4. Same as the other guys, I’m happy for you, you brought lots of smiles to our faces and you deserve to have a time just as nice as the one we have when reading your comic.

    Buuuut… I still want you back as soon as possible, I already miss reading happysad!

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