8 thoughts on “So far

  1. That’s what I love happysad for! :) I don’t know how it’s possible… but I alwyas follow him… with my crush in the other country, looking for some inspiration and now with ‘brand new life’ ;) I’m even going to Mallorca for 5 days, trying to be more positive and enjoy more… But does it work?… hmmmm… :)

  2. you want change to happen in just few weeks? Not very realistic.. though I’m sure some things have changed, you just don’t see it yet

  3. Not that I wish you badly. Absolutely not. Quite enjoyed your happy episode with Miss Yonderland (and I’m truly sorry that was rather a short one).. but OMG as I would be little tiny bit disappointed if you came after the break with the attitude that Eeva suggested in the last comment from previous post… We must separate your life with Mr. HappySad guy no doubly and, well, as I personally wish you Jeoren all the best, please don’t change Mr. Happysad to Mr. Forever Joyful! Keep the balance. :D

  4. Welcome back!

    This cracked me up. Thanks for all of the work you put into this strip. I have immensely enjoyed it over the past few years.

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