Looking forward

16 Responses to “Looking forward”

  1. 1 Mona

    Is it your birthday?

    Happy birthday!!!

    P/s: She’ll come to you one day…

  2. 2 Mike London

    have a good one, man!

  3. 3 killing3000

    Happy birthday man!!
    Have a great one (gal)~

  4. 4 Poulette

    ? Happy(not sad) birthday to you,
    happy(not sad) birthday to you! ?

  5. 5 Poulette

    (oh, well, those question marks are supposed to be musical notes) :)

  6. 6 Ethan

    Hey cool, it’s my birthday too! I feel like I probably noticed that last year too… Oh well. Have a good one, and good luck out there.

  7. 7 naiuco

    that’s so lovely… :) all the best Jeroen! hope one day someone will give you as much joy and tenderness as you bring me with every new drawning… :)

  8. 8 Iron

    Happy birthday man!

  9. 9 ucieczka

    Happy birthday! :))

  10. 10 Cecilie

    Happy birthday :D

  11. 11 Bogusz

    Happy Birthday! :)
    Wish You all the best. And thank You for this awesome cartoon series – it’s warmth and humor.

  12. 12 Hooligan

    best wishes

  13. 13 JamJam

    happy birthday jeroen!

  14. 14 Gabriela Arellano

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!

  15. 15 Zoran

    Happy birthday, hope you had a blast

  16. 16 Fluffy Dandelion

    Happy birthday! (although I am really late :D)
    Mine is on the 22nd :D

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