What happened

In a completely unrelated note: while our hero travels back to Yonderland, I will be off for a week too (coincidentally). Personally I’ll go to beautiful Tallinn, Estonia, so if you happen to be there and want to meet up in the next few days, send me a mail at kartoen at gmail dot com!

8 thoughts on “What happened

  1. Sooooo you’ve left us racking our brains and desperately looking for clues about what country Yonderland actually was (so far I had only worked out it was in the Northern hemisphere)… And now you just reveal that it was Estonia. Did you do that out of spite?

  2. Wow, at least *someone* has a positive attitude. Little dude’s going to Yonderland, which incidently gives me some time off to visit Estonia.

    And little dude does whatever little dude needs to do.

  3. Yeah.. the little dude can do anything he wants, wherever he wants…even meet up a sombrero wearing and tequila drinking cat in Estonia! LOL! Everyone needs a breather once in a while..just make sure you get more material for the strip when you do get back!but before that …enjoy!

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