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Hey, how’s everybody doing? I hope not too many people are suffering from Happysad withdrawal symptoms? I know some are, but maybe that’s just because they’ve lost their place in the spotlight :-)

A month has gone by now since I published my last cartoon, and it already feels like ages ago to me. To be honest, I don’t miss Happysad that much. I do a little bit of course, but in the past weeks I’ve felt much better, more confident, since I no longer have to put myself into that Happysad state of mind on a regular basis in order to come up with ideas. It feels like there’s so much more room for activities in my brain now.

So how far have I come with this changing myself programme? Well, there have been no huge strides forward yet, but I’m making small, gradual progress, and remind myself to try and change things a little bit every day. I’m quite happy so far, but I will have to pick up the pace a bit soon. One of the things I’m considering right now is creating a whole new website, meant to promote my “regular” cartoons, the ones I actually make a bit of money with every now and then. That was actually the initial purpose of this site, but then Happysad happened and the whole thing just took another turn.

So I’m going to try again now, only seven years later :-). It’ll be something entirely new, built from scratch. Because the main target audience of those cartoons is located here in Flanders, it will most likely be in Dutch. But I’ll keep using this site to blog about stuff, post the odd drawing, and who knows what else might pop up in the future. So do stay tuned, I will – as always – be back.


4 thoughts on “Status report

  1. Well done then!! If it makes you feel better, what’s not to love? You could post something every now and then though. At least a translation of your Dutch comics. ;)

  2. I like OS’s idea! :-)

    Small changes are the way this gets better… It took you a while to get here, it will take you a while to get out…

    Many good thoughts…

    – E

  3. While I’d probably even understand several of the comics in Dutch, why not translate them to English for this site? Why scare away your international visitors when they could be a great base for your new site?

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