Never before seen footage!

In the first few weeks after I stopped the Happysad series, the number of visitors to my site remained remarkably stable. But as reality started to sink in, these numbers have been shrinking to a “mere” few hundreds a day. It’s only logical of course, and yet, it makes me feel a bit melancholic. I think I will have to admit that I’m no stranger to a bit of attention whoring… You may miss Happysad, but I miss the loooooove! :-)

So for those very loyal fans who keep paying me a visit every now and then, have I got a treat for you! I have a few Happysad cartoons which I never published, because once they were finished, I didn’t very much like the final result. For instance because it sounded more serious than I anticipated, or just wasn’t funny at all. Here’s one of these, which I made in April of last year. It still feels strangely relevant, in a way. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Never before seen footage!

  1. Despite it being very personal to you, the content of Happysad always spoke to humanity as a whole, which is why it was/is so popular. Many of them were serious, and therein lay the charm. It was so honest.
    I hope you find a few more “bonus tracks”.

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